Thank you for visiting my website.  Please browse my gallery of works and if inclined, drop me a note.

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21 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Tony,
    Beautiful paintings. You have become quite an
    Artist. Keep up the great work. My best to you.

  2. Cousin Anthony,
    I kept hoping I’d find you on the campaign or when I’d cover D.C. This is cousin Linda from Malibu, Sharon might have forwarded you some of my emails. I sure receive many of yours and pass them on with great pleasure.
    Wow, when I first looked at your gallery, I thought you were a PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!! You are THAT good.
    Super congratulations – you must be having so much fun with it! Well, like I’ve always told Sharon, if you ever want to vacation by the ocean, this is a very big house with a great view. Perhaps you should paint some Malibu sights? Incredible seagulls and wild green parrots – not to mention purple and turquoise sunsets. Love, Linda Breakstone

    1. Linda:

      Thank you for fantastic and illustrative comments. I do read many of Sharon’s emails and have noticed several from you.

      Sorry for the long delay in this reply. I never look at my site and did not see the comments until today so I am busy responding to all those who sent me a comment.

      One day we would love to come to Malibu to see the sites. I have been to California and am sure I passed near Malibu but it is so large, I had no clue. I was just trying to get from point A to point B.

      I do enjoy painting but do not do it for a living. I just paint, put it aside and do another one. One day I may have a show – more of an idea by my instructor than myself so to please him, I may do it.

      Anyway, hope you have a very Merry and Blessed Christmas.

      By the way, I wrote 2 books that are on the market. The first one was a novel (Unmitigated Justice) and the second just published (…Just Another Day in the FBI…). You can see both of them on Amazon under my name or by the title. Time-consuming but something off my bucket list.

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